April 19, 2007

Staff defying The Odds

So, once upon a time, critics were saying that the Mets starting pitching was either too old or too inexperienced. That Maine, Perez and Pelfrey couldn’t be counted on. That Glavine and El Duque were going to show their age. That the great offense the Mets possess wasn’t going to be enough to make up for erratic pitching and a depleted bullpen.

Now fifteen games into the season, the Mets pitching seems to be enormously sounder than the team critics said had the best staff in baseball (Phillies). So going down the list, here’s what the Mets starting rotation looks like so far:

Tom Glavine – 3-1; 2.70 ERA
John Maine – 2-0; 1.93 ERA
Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez – 1-1; 4.00 ERA
Mike Pelfrey – 0-0; 3.18 ERA
Oliver Perez – 1-1 3.72 ERA

With none of our starting pitching over the four earned run average mark, it seems that the Mets were right in staying away from, new Giants ace, Barry Zito and his ridiculous demands.

The bullpen has been equally effective in their efforts to remain one of the strongest in the Majors. Here’s a look at what the boys in the pen have been up to:

Ambiorix Burgos – 4.26 ERA
Pedro Feliciano – 0.00 ERA
Aaron Heilman – 4.91 ERA
Scott Schoeneweis – 0.00 ERA
Aaron Sele – 2.84 ERA
Joe Smith – 0.00 ERA
Billy Wagner – 0.00 ERA; 2 Saves

If you ask me, that’s a pretty solid pen.

So, critics, keep writing about how the Mets pitching is horrendous and keep writing about our weaknesses. The Mets will just keep proving you wrong.

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