April 19, 2007

Minor Leage Tracker: Lastings Milledge

Ted Berg at SNY, writes about Lastings Milledge and how he's blown upthecompetition in AAA:

Listen: If you thought the constant discussion of Lastings Milledge was going to stop just because the Mets dispatched the young prospect to Triple-A, you were dead wrong.

Yesterday, the boredom that stemmed from two straight rainouts led me to investigate what was happening in the Mets' farm system. I noticed that Milledge had gotten off to a slow start since his demotion, and I worried that what I deemed a "Victor Diaz-style sulkfest" could end up hampering Lasto's New Orleans numbers.


I should have realized that Milledge is and always has been a much bigger prospect than Diaz, and though his attitude has been questioned, his drive has not. Milledge rebounded from his early slump with a huge game today, going 4-for-4 against the Memphis Redbirds -- the Cardinals' affiliate -- in New Orleans. He homered in the effort, stole two bases, and scored three runs.

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