April 30, 2007

Peterson On Pelfrey

David Lennon at Newsday, writes about Mike Pelfrey and what Rick Peterson has to say about the situation:

"Guys feel like they have to be extraordinary to do this," pitching coach Rick Peterson said. "But Clark Kent being normal can be good. What happens is he goes into the phone booth, puts the cape on and he can't get out of the phone booth. That's literally what happens.

"You're trying to save the world and pitching effectively is not about saving the world. It's being normal, throwing normal pitches to normal locations and experiencing what happens when you make those pitches."

That's what Peterson has been trying to get across to Pelfrey, whose slide began as soon as he was named the fifth starter back in spring training. All of a sudden, those expectations put a tremendous weight on his psyche, and Pelfrey has been unable to pitch his way out of it.

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