April 15, 2007

Wright On His Streak

Jay Cohen at Sign On San Diego, writes about David Wright and what he thinks about his current hitting streak:

Wright extended his career-best streak to 23 games with a second-inning single in the New York's 6-2 loss to Washington on Saturday. The finale of three-game set against the Nationals was rained out Sunday, so Wright's next chance to add to the streak is Monday against the Phillies.

“It's fun to be a part of but it's not nearly as important as a lot of other things in this game,” Wright said Sunday as he got ready for the short trip to Philadelphia.

But the most exciting thing for Wright is the progress he's making as a hitter.

“I think just slowly I'm starting to be able to make adjustments quicker,” said Wright, who is in his fourth major league season. “The great hitters in the game, you see these guys able to take a bad swing and step out of the box and almost see them clear their mind and make the adjustments.”

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