May 09, 2007

Jorge Sosa vs. Mike Pelfrey

AKA The Man the newest writer at Mets Fever (Shea Nation Network), writes about Jorge Sosa, Mike Pelfrey and how they're fighting for the fifth starter job:

Tomorrow's starter Jorge Sosa has a chance to take over Mike Pelfrey's spot in the rotation if he can pitch good enough in his next 2 starts. Which he earned by pitching 6 and 1/3 innings, giving up just 2 ER. Sosa has been working on his breaking pitches in the minors, and after his 4-0 start in the minors and his outing against the D-Backs the Mets should be open to giving Sosa the #5 spot in the rotation.Now why would we want to demote the future to AAA?

Mike Pelfrey is 0-4 with a 6.39 ERA in 5 starts. Pelfrey has been unable to get his breaking pitches over the plate, and even his fastball right now is inconsistent. Pelfrey admitted himself he just isn't having fun out there right now, and you have to think by Pelfrey getting knocked around every time out is killing his confidence. People are already jumping all over Pelfrey using the "overrated" word already but we have to remember he has just 1 year in the minors, and has been working on his slider for less then 3 months.

You would have to think the Mets want to give Sosa the opportunity because Orlando Hernandez was on schedule to be taken off the DL after his 15 days but then Sosa comes up pitches good and now Hernandez is getting the extra days off so he isn't "rushed back" The Mets are 100% right for giving Sosa an opportunity everybody want's to remember Perez's magical season but not to many recall Jorge Sosa's 13-3 2.55 ERA in 2005. He's got the stuff but like Perez he has to stay ahead of batters so he doesn't have to come in with the fastball. In the end Sosa will most likely come out with the #5 spot until A. Pedro comes back or B. a trade

"Jorge Sosa is scheduled to start Friday's game against Milwaukee.The Mets are going to make Orlando Hernandez's rehab a little longer than expected, giving Sosa at least two more turns in the rotation"

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