May 04, 2007

Reyes Just Won't Stop

Marty Noble at, writes about Jose Reyes and the amount of production coming from the Mets lead off hitter:

Through Wednesday, the Mets shortstop had 19 RBIs, a league-high 28 runs and two home runs, and led the National League in runs produced with 45, seven more than any other player.

Reyes' 45 runs produced have come in the Mets' first 26 games, one game less than a sixth of a 162-game season. Were he and the Mets to produce at the same rate throughout the season -- runs produced is a team function to a degree, his total would be 280. To put that figure into perspective, Philadelphia's Ryan Howard had 195 runs produced in his MVP season last year, St. Louis masher Albert Pujols had 207. The league leader was Colorado's Garrett Atkins with 208. Reyes had 182.

To put Reyes' current figure in a different perspective, it is second in the big leagues. Alex Rodriguez had 48 in merely 24 team games. His figure extrapolates to 324 runs produced for the season.

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