May 04, 2007

Will The Mets Keep Pelfrey?

At the SNY Ask The Booth, Keith Hernandez answers a question regarding Mike Pelfrey:

Q: What do you think Willie Randolph will do about Mike Pelfrey? Will he send him back to the Minors or let him get more experience in the big leagues?-Tyler Smeyers

After Pelfrey's last start, he will get more starts. He needs to keep improving. If you keep running him out there every fifth day with poor performances, the Mets run the risk of damaging his confidence. It is a fine line. I have always been afraid of rushing young talent to the big leagues. They do it more today than ever. He is developing two new pitches -- slider instead of a curve, and a change-up. He has a long way to go with commanding those pitches, but Pelfrey has a great arm and has proven that he has guts on the mound. For him to be able to keep his head above water while trying to improve those new pitches says a lot about his constitution. I loved his last start vs. Florida.

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