June 21, 2007

Bringing Me Back to '03

...from brogna blog...

Doesn't this current losing "skid" (I think we've blown way beyond skid) remind you of how the 2003 New York Mets used to play?

That team went 66-96, and were the worst team in the NL besides San Diego, who won only 64 games.

The Lineup for the team?

1. Roger Cedeno, RF
2. Roberto Alomar, 2B
3. Cliff Floyd, LF
4. Mo Vaughn/Jason Phillips, 1B
5. Ty Wigginton, 3B
6. Vance Wilson, C
7. Jose Reyes, SS
8. Jeff Duncan, CF
9. (pitcher)

The Rotation?

1. Tom Glavine
2. Al Leiter
3. Jae Weong Seo
4. Steve Trachsel
5. David Cone/Mike Bacsik

With players like Orber Moreno (have his autograph) and Graeme Lloyd in the 'pen, it's hard to believe that this team was up there with the '62 and '93 Mets as far as just being putrid.

With the exception of Super Joe McEwing, players like Pedro Astacio, Marco Scutaro, Rey Sanchez and Scott Strickland just make you shake your head.

Fun stats- Mo Vaughn was the highest paid player on the team, making over $17 million, but only played 79 games, hit 3 homers, batted .190 and only scored 10 runs.

Also, coming off the bench, Tony Clark, of all people, led the Mets in home runs, with only 16. That's horrible.

When you're feeling bad about this team this year, just think of two things...That we're still in first place, and you could be watching the Mets of just four years ago.

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