June 23, 2007

The Lost Art of First Inning Bunting

(From MetsLifer.com)
Jose Reyes did something in last night's Mets' win that I hadn't seen in a while. He bunted on the first pitch for a base hit.

What a concept! We have the fastest man in the league batting leadoff so why not bunt in the 1st inning every once in a while. Sure Reyes has some pop, but I like the idea of getting him on in the 1st inning. Then let him steal second, third, and why not home?

Just like the New York Giants need to throw to Jeremy Shockey early to get him psyched and the team's energy pumping, the Mets need that Reyes spark early.
The results last night were pretty evident. The Mets scored early, often and the stage was set for a good game.

Let's hope we can see some more of this in the next few games to hopefully get this team on a different kind of streak.

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