June 21, 2007

Thank You Note from a Mets Fan to the Boston Red Sox

Dear Boston Red Sox,

Let me start by saying how thankful I am to your franchise. You have given me so many great memories that I feel like I should be an honorary Red Sox fan in some way.

Where do I start? I guess it's obvious. Thanks so much for Bill Buckner. My childhood was filled with joy thanks to your first baseman. I can remember reinacting that Game 6 play in my backyard on many a summer day while imitating Bob Murphy's "Get's By Buckner! Get's By Bucker!" It was the culminating moment of my childhood baseball memories. It can never be replaced and I owe you for that.

Also, you have caused some wonderful angst within Yankee nation. And as a Mets Lifer there's really no way of measuring how much that is worth. Coming back from being down 3-0 to beat the Yankees in 2004. Priceless.

You gave us Pedro, the ultimate villain in Roger Clemens, and now thanks to Big Papi ever walk off home run must culminate with the helmet toss before reaching home plate.

And yet you continue to give.

This year you have beaten the Braves for us on multiple occasions while the Mets have tried to find a way out of this slump. The Red Sox have allowed us to maintain our position in first place of the NL East of which we are grateful.

You can expect a lovely basket from 1-800-FLOWERS to arrive at Fenway Park later this week to show you just how thankful I am (I hope you like petunias!). Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to a potential meeting in October.

A Very Thankful Mets Lifer

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