June 14, 2007

Hey Professionals! Get Over It!

As you know from the post below, Brad Penny got aggravated with Shawn Green last night as he claims Green was stealing signs when he was on second base a few innings earlier.

Couple this with the moaning and groaning about A-Rod yelling "Ha!" in the Toronto's 3rd baseman's ear while running to third base, and we are seeing an awful lot of whining from these pros.

These are classic school yard techniques. Just because you're in the pros you think you're above them? What's the matter? You can't catch a pop fly because someone is yelling? Grow up, this isn't golf.

And as far as stealing signs is concerned, if it's that upsetting just throw a fastball high & tight the next time the guy comes up. Don't be a baby and whine about it after you just struck him out. Shouldn't that be enough vengeance.

If guys and girls on my company's softball team can deal with heckling during a rec league softball game, I think you millionaires can deal with some playground tricks.

By the way, major props to Shawn Green for stealing signs last night. At least he was making an effort to help turn the Mets bats around.

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