June 13, 2007

The Weight Of The Team On His Shoulders

David Wright deserves a gift from the whole team, he shouldn’t have to accept it, but he needs it.

The team should buy him a big enough back pack to fit all of them in it, because during this losing streak, it seems like Wright is the only one constantly producing, he hit four home runs in four games. He is currently riding a fourteen game hitting streak and for the life of him, is getting no recognition for keeping the Mets somewhat in games that they have no business being in right now.

If the Mets don’t do something very soon, they could not only be looking at losing the lead in the NL East, but may lose Wright to the DL with a strained back.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

whright cant do it by himself and all of his hits in this slump are going twards nothing