June 30, 2007

Who Was That Playing First Base for the Mets Yesterday?

(from MetsLifer.com)
Weird thing happened yesterday. No, besides the Mets actually sweeping a double header. There was some dude playing first base for the Mets. You know who I'm talking about?

That guy who went 3 for 4 in the first game and had another hit or two in the second game. I think he had a homer, a single, a double, and a few RBIs for the entire day. I know I've seen him before somewhere. Who do you think it was?

THAT was Carlos Delgado?

No, couldn't have been. He was hitting to all fields and showed some pop in his bat. He was even patient on a few pitches down and in.There's no way that was Delgado. You sure?

By no means is Carlos Delgado back after one or two decent games. But it was nice to have that pop in his bat show up against the Phillies. Let's hope a few more games at Citizens Bank Park and then a couple at Coors Field can awake the sleeping (more like comatose) bat of Carlos Delgado.

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