July 30, 2007

The Clock Is Ticking For Omar

From Tommy at Bleed Orange And Blue (Network Member):

The Braves get Texeira. The Phillies lose Utley, and get Iguchi, almost immediately. And Mets fans keep waiting.....and waiting....for Omar to add a bat, a pitcher - starter or reliever. Someone to make the team better. The 2006 Mets fell short of their goal, and Omar did not improve the team in the offseason. The Braves and Phillies are much improved from last year, and the Mets lead is looking very small. I was trying to remember the last big signing the Mets had - we have to go back 2 years to Delgado/Wagner/LoDuca. Gagne would be great. Crawford would be a great addition.

Omar - part with a prospect to get a good player now. Please. This is what they do in the Bronx, and our competitors in the NL East are doing this. I am not confident this team can go the distance - with the anemic hitting of the last 2 months, with our shaky middle relief (Heilman and Mota have not been good), and with our questionable starting pitching (Sosa is looking like the bad Braves pitcher).

This team is built to win now, with Delgado, LoDuca, Pedro, Glavine, Alou.

Omar -



Anonymous said...

this is why the Yankees are hurting now. they have no more prospects left that they could part with

Anonymous said...

Maybe crawford ifthe price isn't too steep

Dirk said...

The Mets are solid enough right now to take the pennant but they do need bullpen arms for october

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

how about brad lidge?

Anonymous said...

its gonna take too much for him