July 30, 2007

Do The Mets Want Castillo?

Dan Graziano at the Star Ledger writes about the Mets and Twins discussing a trade for Luis Castillo:

The Twins had a scout at the Mets game yesterday at Shea, and the two teams have had serious talks in recent days about a deal that would bring second baseman Luis Castillo to New York. The Mets would like to get it done by tomorrow's 4 p.m., nonwaiver trading deadline because they fear that, in August, a competing team such as Philadelphia would put in a "blocking" waiver claim and prevent the Mets from dealing for him. And the Twins would like to try and get something for Castillo before he leaves as a free agent at the end of this season.


Anonymous said...

hes all right but i dont know about his age

Anonymous said...

castillo is hitting over 300 and has great defense

Anonymous said...

no no no i would rather stick with gotay