July 11, 2007

I Really Can't Blame Larussa

Could the National League team that makes it to the World Series blame their misfortune on Tony Larussa? Yes.

Could that same team blame their misfortune on Rowand or Wagner? Yes.

Should that same team not rest all the blame on these three individuals? No.

The sole blame rests on the entire National League All-Stars, if the home field advantage plays a major role this year and everyone needs one person to blame for another year of American League dominance, I would have to point the finger at Tony. After all he was the Manager and did have Pujols on the bench and ready to drive in the winning runs. Instead he chose Aaron Rowand to make the hit. Rowand didn’t and the AL won again, but the fact still remains that baseball is a team sport and you either win as a team or lose as a team.

The National League lost. That’s all there is to it.


Kyle said...

Tony Larussa is awful, he didnt take John Maine, instead he brought rowand who he should have pinched hit for.... PUJOLS!

John Young said...

That was the deciding blow (not pinch hitting Pujols), but what about Rowand? What about Wagner who gave up the two run home run?

Didn't they affect the game just as much as Larussa?

I'm not defending Larussa, I'm just saying that there is just more than one person to blame for the loss.

By the way, I'm trying, with all of my soul, not to blame it soulyon Larussa.