July 11, 2007

Jose Reyes Is Baseball

From MetsLifer.com

Jose Reyes looked like a kid in a candy store last night during the All Star Game. You can easily see why he's so fun to watch. His youthful exuberance radiates through the TV and it's hard not to be effected by his enthusiasm.

During the starting lineups, Reyes was trying to do one of his patented secret hand slap routines with both Beltran and Wright who didn't know how to react to it, but Reyes laughed it off anyway.

Then Reyes got to catch the ceremonial first pitch for Willie Mays and promptly raced back to the Say Hey Kid to ask him to sign a ball for him. Reyes is not above the game. He treats it like he's a little leaguer who's out there to enjoy every moment.

Of course Reyes also did his normal routine at the plate. Get on. Steal second. Score the first run of the game. I was hoping the NL could pull out a win because I thought Reyes had a chance at MVP, but unfortunately it was not to be (where the heck was Pujols in the 9th inning?).

Jose Reyes represented the Mets well (ahem, Billy Wagner), and I'm glad the entire league got to see the gem that we have in New York orange & blue for the next decade.

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