July 16, 2007

Should The Mets Resign Sanchez?

Adam Rubin at Mets.com answers some of the Mets fans questions and answered this one about resigning Duaner Sanchez:

Once Duaner Sanchez comes off the disabled list, I suppose he will be a free agent. The Mets should consider re-signing him to a two- or three-year contract. He is so valuable to their bullpen when he's healthy. With nasty stuff and a blazing fastball, Sanchez should be the prime setup man when he returns, and should be in a Mets uniform for as long as possible. -- Jordan R., New York, N.Y.

First, Sanchez won't eligible for agency until after the 2009 season, when he has six years of Major League service.

Now, why would the Mets want to offer him anything more than one-season contract, even if they were competing for his services?

Sanchez did pitch brilliantly last season. But that was a finite body of work -- 55 1/3 innings in 49 appearances. No guarantee exists that he will be effective when he returns this season or next. And no part of the game is more fickle than short relief.

Sanchez has to prove himself all over again, and the episode in Spring Training when he was sent home for not adhering to the workout schedule didn't endear him to manager Willie Randolph.

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