July 19, 2007

Why is Marlon Anderson on the Mets?

from MetsLifer.com
Marlon Anderson was a great asset to the team two years ago. He filled in nicely for the often absent Kaz Matsui, and was a great pinch hitter. But why is he on this year's team?

Do we really need another second baseman? We have Gotay who's batting an insane .337 and desperately needs more at bats. Then we have Jose Valentin who is struggling a bit because of injuries. Damion Easley who has lost his playing time because of Gotay's performance. So why do we need another second baseman?

It's not like Marlon Anderson was taring it up in the minors or for the Dodgers. I guess he can play some outfield, but do we really feel he's better than Newhan? This move just boggles me. I hope it works out for the best, but I just don't see it right now.

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