August 08, 2007

Ollie Finally Loses One To Braves

Anthony Di Como at writes about the Mets 7-3 (Box Score) loss to the Braves:

Respect aside, the Mets have bigger worries on their list. Their pitching was shelled for 15 hits in Tuesday's game. Their lineup used nine innings to match what the Braves accomplished in two, and their division lead has now been pared down to 3 1/2 games.

And Atlanta trade-deadline acquisitions have already come through. First baseman Mark Teixeira did his part Tuesday with a sacrifice fly, and reliever Octavio Dotel chipped in with a perfect inning. Nothing to tip the scales of the pennant race just yet, but plenty enough to cause some worry.

"You look around baseball, [Teixeira's] probably the biggest acquisition any team made at the deadline," said right fielder Shawn Green. "He's going to make all their other hitters better."


Anonymous said...

its starting to make me sick

Anonymous said...

what is the deal with the braves

Anonymous said...

i just cant stand losing to the braves anymore this season

Anonymous said...

ollie was due for a loss against them this season

thats the only wayi can rationalize it

Anonymous said...

get your heads out of your rears mets and play some baseball for once

Anonymous said...

alou was horrible