August 07, 2007

What Is It With Willie And Mota

From Tommy at Bleed Orange And Blue (Network Member)
Every Single Game.
Every Single Game.
Every Single Game.
Willie Randolph is outmanaged every Single Game.
Every Single Game.
A large Part: His Devotion to Guillermo Mota.

Let's take you back to Tom Glavine's first attempt of 300 wins in Milwaukee. The Mets were holding onto a 2-1 lead when Guillermo Mota came on in the 8th inning with two men on, and on his first pitch gave up a ground rule double to Bill Hall to blow Glavine's lead. In my opinion, this is Willie's fault. Don't get me wrong, Mota was outstanding last year in the regular season. This year he is garbage. When Tom Glavine is trying for win 300 and there is a key situation in the game that might decide Glavine's fate, you do not bring in Mota. Let me remind you that Heilman and Wagner were still available in the pen.

OK, that was bad. But it was one game. Let me take you back to last season in the playoffs. Once Again, involving Guillermo Mota. Willie continued to put in Mota in all the big situations. When most of you think about Game 2 last year of the NLCS, you think of how awful Billy Wagner was that game. Yes. He was awful. But do you remember Guillermo Mota? Do You? He Came in with a 6-4 lead in the 7th inning when Aaron Heilman and Roberto Hernandez (Don't tell me he stinks, he was good in the postseason last year) were still available. But who does Willie bring in? The juiced-up Mota. Mota pitched 2/3 of an inning, giving up 2 runs and blowing the lead.

Tell Me. Why does Willie always have to go to Mota?


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its a man love thing i guess

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