February 12, 2008

A Re-Focused Pelfrey

Ben Shipigel at The New York Times writes about Mike Pelfrey and how he has re-focused himself this year:

“I feel that this is going to be my year,” said Pelfrey, who, despite his two relief appearances last year, is not being considered for a bullpen spot. “If it isn’t, then I’ll understand. But I’m going to be given an opportunity to perform, and that’s all you can ask for. I know that I’m good enough to make this team. If they think so, too, I’m sure they’ll find some way to use me.”

Pelfrey recalls how clear his head felt after he returned home in October to Wichita, Kan. There, he spent a month reflecting on what he called “a lost year.” It included seven consecutive losses to begin the season, four round trips between the majors and Class AAA New Orleans, and one dominant six-inning outing Sept. 1 in Atlanta.

In that game, he allowed one hit, induced ground balls at will and prompted Minaya last week to gush: “That game in Atlanta last year, that’s Mike Pelfrey. That Mike Pelfrey is there. It’s going to come out.”

On the mound, he has vowed not to revisit the tentative pitching style that overshadowed his first month with the Mets. Rather than throw in the mid- to high 90s, Pelfrey said he aimed the ball, diminishing his velocity, and concentrated too much on his secondary pitches. When he rejoined the team in early July, he had better movement on his heavy sinking fastball. Over the remainder of the season, he improved his ground ball percentage by nearly 10 percent (to 67.7 percent from 58.8) and induced 2.09 grounders for every fly ball, compared with 1.43 earlier, according to Stats LLC.


Anonymous said...

it would be nice tohave a future ace witht he group

Anonymous said...

can you imagine if pelfrey is refocused and becomes what minaya says he can become? him in the rotation with the rest of the guys, well have one of every style of pithcing minus a side armed guy in there. exciting

Anonymous said...

well its time to put up or shut up pelfrey

Anonymous said...

i still want him in the pen setting up for wagner until el duque goes down