March 13, 2008

Pelfrey Gets The Ball Today

Today’s Mets' game against the Cardinals will feature Mike Pelfrey as the starter, and he should probably be on the mound for at least 4 innings (IF he's doing well).

Cross your fingers folks, because if Pelfrey has another start like his last one, we could be looking at a desperation move with El Duque and his new delivery moving into the fifth starter slot. I just shutter to think of the aging Hernandez coming out with a new delivery at his age. This just can’t be ending well for him.

If we count the tally, Pelfrey has had two good starts followed by a nightmare. There can’t be much of a leash on him to perform and convince Willie to put him in the fifth spot over El Duque and I fear that one more bad start could push the decision over the ledge.

Can you tell that I would rather see Pelfrey in the opening day rotation?


Anonymous said...

im with you on that one john. el duque's new delivery scares me drastically

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon are you there? I just wanted to tell you way not put a cbox on you blog so we could talk.

Robert Milelli said...

Delivery does scare me, but with his experience, I am sure he knows what he is doing. I would rather have Pelfrey 5th, but Hernandez has proven he still can pitch in the league with the junk that he throws. Only problem is he gets hurt a lot obviously. But if we had him until then, I wouldn't mind. His era is still pretty good.