May 10, 2007

Brewers Fans Think A Sweep Is Possible...

Over at the Brew Crew Fan Forum, one fan points out why he feels the Brewers can sweep the Mets in the next series at Shea this weekend:

I'm thinking the Brewers can take 2 out of 3 from the Mets, if not sweep them.

No, I'm not drunk..yet..

Mets overall record is 23-10, right? Well, their combined record in games started by Tom Glavine and John Maine is 13-2, meaning in games started by their 3-4-5 pitchers they're 8-10.

Glavine pitched Tuesday, Maine pitched Yesterday. It's going to be their 3-4-5 guys against Suppan, Sheets and Cappy. 26-11 going into Filthydelphia. I can live with that.

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Anonymous said...

Let them discount Sosa and Perez a their own peril. Personally, I'd like to see how many times they strike out against Perez if he's got his A game going.

And they also make the mistake of ignoring the Mets bats. If Wright and Delgado are about to get hot- the Brewers won't have a good series.

The Brewers could win 2 games. But their fans are being a bit too cocky for their still untested team. Weather the battles first before deciding that they'll sweep the team that was a hit away from the World Series last year.