May 14, 2007

Much To Do About Something

What I believed before the season started still stands as the season is a month and a half old. If the Mets are within striking distance of first place, when Pedro Martinez and the rest of our key pitchers come back, than you might as well go ahead and pencil the Mets in for the National League East Champions.

Tom Glavine (4-1 2.98), John Maine (5-0 1.79), Orlando Hernandez (2-1 2.53), Oliver Perez (4-3 3.00); Jorge Sosa (2-0 2.77) are all taking care of business in their respective starts.

Even with Hernandez riding the Disabled list for at least two more starts, the Mets pitching staff looks more like a rotation of Aces right now. The only question remaining is who do you move for Pedro if this continues?

I think I have an idea of what’s going to happen.

Pedro will go back to his respected Ace spot, Glavine will back him up at number two, Hernandez will fall into the number three spot, Maine goes at number four and Perez pitches at number five.

Of course you don’t send Sosa down to the minors if he keeps on pitching like he is. They’ll send him to the pen, where he has spent some time. Let him and Williams back up the starters as the two long men. And if Hernandez goes down again (good chance), Sosa will step right in and the Mets will bring in one of Burgos, Padilla or another pen guy to fill the void.

So with that rotation and the pen, the mets will look (on paper) like the unstoppable force they were designed to be.

Here’s to a hopeful return to the post season (don’t want to count chickens before they hatch).

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